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SirPro is a set of productivity tools for programmers, analysts, DBAs, and anybody else who has ever wanted to work efficiently inside the Model 204 environment.

SirPro centralizes all the tools necessary for managing procedures, group definitions, passwords and privileges, and helps organize daily tasks by providing a consistent, ISPF-like work environment. A profile is defined for each user that includes file and procedure selection criteria, commonly executed commands, destination files for copies and moves, print specifications, and more. Each user's profile is saved from session to session.

Up to four search strings may be specified during procedure selection

SirPro takes advantage of Sirius $functions and special data structures that allow for small server sizes and extremely efficient processing. This emphasis on efficiency, the hallmark of all Sirius Software's products, allows SirPro users to manipulate an unlimited number of procedures, and to perform operations such as searches for a string in a list of procedures that would otherwise consume prohibitively high levels of CPU.

Built around a set of " list" handling functions, SirPro has no practical restrictions on the length of procedure lists. In addition, these " lists" can be scrolled or quickly sorted by date, time, user id, procedure name, or size.

Search delivers output list in seconds

Programmers and analysts benefit through SirPro's fast and efficient interface to the Model 204 procedure editor. Database Administrators, File Managers, and Systems Managers benefit through SirPro's ability to facilitate the administration of system security and Model 204 group definitions. Because of the consistent interface to all of these functions, it is very easy for one person to perform tasks across functional areas.

Programmers and Analysts

SirPro operates in either file or group context and provides a range of procedure selection criteria that includes an extremely efficient string search capability. SirPro users can specify as many as four character strings simultaneously, creating a list of procedures from the file or group which contain any of the strings. This search feature is extremely fast. It takes only seconds to build a list of the subset of procedures (out of thousands) that contain a specific string. Once the list is loaded, procedures may be selected to edit, copy, move, rename, delete, include, print, or browse.

SirPro's browse is actually a powerful multifunction utility that allows a browse without placing enqueues on the procedure. In addition, SirPro provides an expanded browse in which all included code is displayed. SirPro can also display all the undeclared variables within the procedures.

DBA and Systems Managers

SirPro offers a full-screen front end that simplifies maintenance of passwords, privileges and group definitions, as well as a screen for managing a list of frequently-executed commands.

CCASTAT passwords may be updated, users deleted, privileges, priorities, and access levels changed for users, files and groups: all from a single, intuitive set of screens that allow the user to visually verify new passwords, or keep them hidden as they are entered.

A full screen interface is provided for all user, file, group entries in CCASTAT

Permanent group definitions stored in CCAGRP may be updated via a similar panel that enhances the standard method of handling groups by allowing the user to update a group definition rather than deleting each one and re-creating it from scratch. Similar to the functions for managing CCASTAT entries, group definitions may be added, updated, deleted, renamed or copied to new definitions, making maintenance of permanent groups as simple as the maintenance of procedures.


SirPro's highly optimized user interface provides maximum utility and efficiency. It provides a comprehensive set of functions that are highly integrated and professionally packaged. SirPro takes advantage of custom enhancements to the Model 204 environment that increase its speed and power. SirPro's comprehensive manual and its extensive on-line help facility easily and quickly answer any question about its usage.

SirPro runs under all supported version of Model 204. It is available under MVS, VM/CMS and VSE operating systems.