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Rocket Software, Inc. ( announced on November 29, 2012 that it had acquired Sirius Software, the leading provider of application, interoperability, management, and life cycle software for Rocket M204.


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Documentation is freely available to everyone, with much of it available on our documentation wiki. A user ID and password are required to access the product service download areas. A self-service application allows customers to generate zaps for disaster recovery CPUs. Upgrades and fixes can be downloaded at your convenience, and new products can be downloaded for trial. For more information, refer to the customer service page.

The Janus and Sirius Debuggers

The Janus Debugger is a tool designed for software developers who create and maintain Janus Web Server applications. The Sirius Debugger by contrast is designed to debug classical screen-based 3270 applications as well as batch applications. Both of these debuggers share a common GUI-based client. The two debuggers are tightly integrated with Model 204 and the Sirius Mods, supporting the Object-Oriented constructs provided by the Janus middleware.

We released Build 62, Tag 17 of the Debugger Client in February 2014. In addition to bug fixes, Tag 17 is much faster when debugging large source programs.

Note that since Build 51, the Debugger Client requires the .NET 3.5 SP1 runtime.

Product News

Fast/Unload Version 4.6 was released in July of 2012, adding support for the Repeating Field Group (RFG) structures enabled by M204 v7r2. The treatment of numeric comparisons in FUEL has been improved, and the documentation made more clear.

Version 8.0 of the Sirius Mods was released in April of 2012. The usual steady stream of Object Oriented Programming enhancements includes generic Print, Audit, and Trace methods for objects – supporting better debugging and display within the debuggers and SirFact. Relative parameter value support simplifies system administration. Support for UDP is added to Janus Sockets (with a prerequisite of Janus SOAP), providing access to SNMP and similar protocols.

Version 7.9 of the Sirius Mods was released in October of 2011. Support for Asynchronous socket requests improves performance of Janus applications where a single client program sends requests to multiple servers. More intrinsic methods have been added to the Sirius OOP User Language extensions (SOUL), and exception handling has been expanded. Beginning with M204 v7r2, LOB fields can be used with Long Strings in a more natural syntax for retrievals and updates.

Rocket® Model 204® v7r4

M204 v7r4 was released in June of 2012. M204 v7r4 requires a 64-bit capable operating system (z/OS, z/VSE, or z/CMS running under z/VM). M204 v7r4 requires Version 8.0 or later of the Sirius Mods, and if the Fast/Unload User Language Interface is used with M204 v7r4, Version 4.6 of Fast/Unload is required. This combination of products can deliver a significant performance improvement over M204 v7r1.